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  • Cypher S

    AFM microscope family

    Asylum Research Cypher S is the entry model of the Cypher AFM microscope family.

    It was the first commercially available fast scan AFM, and the Cypher family AFMs remain the only full-featured fast scan AFMs that are compatible with a full range of modes and accessories.

    Oxford Instruments
    Routinely achieves a higher resolution than other AFM microscopes

    Cypher AFMs have also earned a reputation for easily reaching higher resolutions than other AFMs.

    Great for materials science and biological sciences research for environmental measurements in air and liquids and is fully upgradeable later for environmental control options or even video rate scanning.

    • Quick scan with results in seconds instead of minutes
    • Each step of the operation is simpler for remarkable productivity
    • Compact system, great potential to increase capacity
    • Support that goes beyond your expectations