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  • Autosal 8400B

    System for salinity measurements

    The “Autosal” Laboratory Salinometer 8400B is the “Industry Standard” system for salinity measurements. A very stable temperature control bath and heat exchanger keeps the sample at a precisely defined temperature during the analysis, avoiding the need for temperature compensation.

    Accuracy <0.002 Salinity, Small samples and quick measurements, Low Maintenance

    Accuracy is better than 0.002 Equivalent Practical Salinity Units (PSU).

    Guildline Instruments is an engineering company that designs, manufactures and markets ultra-precise instruments for the areas of metrology and oceanography.

    Since 1957, products have been used for research and as the main instrument in establishing traceability to fundamental electrical standards. Major customer markets include global research laboratories, metrology institutes, calibration laboratories, armed forces, nuclear, aerospace plants and companies in the electrical and energy sector.


    • Accuracy <0.002 Salinity
    • Range from 2 to 42 in Salinity
    • Improved temperature stability
    • No temperature compensation is required
    • Small samples and quick measurements
    • Data logging standard
    • Low Maintenance

    Please note that in the USA, Guildline Instruments is the exclusive distributor of IAPSO Standard Seawater and all other Seawater products sold from OSIL.