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  • Apreo 2 MEV/FEG

    Unparalleled versatility with ColorSEM technology

    Solve gray areas with Thermo Scientific Apreo 2 SEM, with high performance field emission (FEG) SEM and unique live elementary image coupled with an advanced automated optical system that allows you to focus on your research instead of on the performance of microscope.

    Thermo Fisher
    Extreme flexibility to handle a wide variety of sample types

    Complete nanometric or sub-nanometric resolution performance on materials ranging from nanoparticles, powders, catalysts and nanodevices to bulk magnetic samples, even over long working distances (10 mm).

    Extreme flexibility to handle a wide variety of sample types, including insulators, sensitive materials or magnetic samples, and to collect the most important data for your application.

    Elementary information at your fingertips with ColorSEM technology; live quantitative elementary mapping for unprecedented result time and ease of use.

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