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    Covid-19 Update

    Publicado em 25 Feb 2021

    Dear customers, friends and partners

    It is a time of many changes and great evolution, a historic period of learning, of reviewing our priorities and values; many challenges with our business and, above all, concern for others.

    Like you, in recent months Altmann has been planning day after day, making crucial decisions to keep our team safe, to help our customers and partners.

    Our entire movement has one main objective: to act responsibly so that we are sure that we will only get out of this if we understand that we are one.

    Our scope for combating the new Sars-Cov-2 coronavirus pandemic includes;

    • Protect our team;
    • Assist and support our customers;
    • Assess the impacts of the crisis and how we can help;
    • Intensify the use of technological tools to deliver our services and products in the best possible way and with maximum excellence.

    Keep taking care of the health of you, your employees, your loved ones. Keep working with dedication and love for others.

    Know that Altmann will continue to do its part and that we will not rest until we can provide new opportunities to help the market.

    Thank you for your trust!

    Altmann team.